Syndicat des Fabricants de MAtériels pour la gestion des Déchets



Objectives are clearly defined so as to:

  • Ensure optimization of collection and cleansing techniques, of transportation, of waste separation and waste recovery, thanks to high performance mechanization and automation of these tasks, in a standardized framework.
  • Propose solutions for more and more sharp and diverse needs in the global collection  and cleansing area. Through conception of effectively adapted equipment; through competitive and reliable provisions which can guarantee the efficiency of the separate waste collection flows and more generally  public services.
  • Contribute to promote trades of waste preliminary collection, collection and separation, through regular progress on ergonomics, health and safety , soundproofing and aestheticism.
  • Propose their wide national and international experience through their implication and counseling inside projects of users, public operators or private providers in order to improve selective MSW collection schemes.