Syndicat des Fabricants de MAtériels pour la gestion des Déchets



Originally created by a few french industrial companies in 1982, FAMAD is today a professional association specialized on several activities.

The common point of every member is to provide equipment and products with services to local communities and their providers in the fields of  municipal and commercial / industrial solid waste collection, and public areas / urban cleansing services.

FAMAD’s members contribute to French authorities to define coherent national policies in terms of waste collection methods, equipment standardization, and to promote  our exports.

FAMAD is part of FNADE (Fédération National des Activités de la Dépollution et de l’Environnement - National Federation of Remediation and Environment‘s Activities), with 8 other syndicates which are : waste services providers  (household, industrial, hazardous or not,  etc.) ; constructors and operators of treatment sites (sorting sites for  materials recycling, biological recovery, energy-recovery and waste storage) ; engineering and design offices ; ground and sites remediation actors.